The Filter for November 16

Today’s Filter includes the return of Pat Robertson, church as a tourist hot spot, church staff members who sell beer, and getting taken to the woodshed.

Show Notes

Why Jesus Might Want to Punch You (and Me) in the Face (0:33)

Pope Benedict to guide followers with personal Twitter account (3:57)

Pastor/Worship Leader Open Brewing Company (6:45)

Dustin Buff, Pastor Of Grace Church, Goes ‘Homeless’ As Experiment (10:56)

North Point Raises $1.5 Million in ONE DAY! (13:41)

Christ United Methodist Church inducted into the Memphis Amateur Sports Hall of Fame (14:49)

Harlem churches attract European tourists to worship (17:20)

Brian McLaren: What if God is Keeping People Away from Our Churches? (21:00)

Pat Roberston on the Petraeus Situation: She’s Good Looking; He’s a man (26:08)

Who Takes You to the Woodshed? (30:10)

What YOU Need to Learn from General Petraeus’ Screwup (31:20)

Guy Fieri and Criticism (35:33)



About the Author: Matt Steen

Over the last fifteen years I have been a Church Planter, Youth Pastor, Executive Pastor, and now I serve churches through coaching (, providing online giving services (, and through keeping them informed ( I love Jesus, my wife, the Redskins and Capitals and am currently living in Waco, Texas where I am studying the finer points of BBQ.