The Case for Early Sermon Prep

Perhaps it is time to rethink your sermon prep routine… Ministry Briefing shares tips from Thom Ranier this week:

Thom Rainer writes that Monday is one of the best days for sermon prep since the previous week’s sermon is still fresh on the pastor’s mind and it’s easier to have continuity from one message to another. In addition, sermon prep early in the week relieves stress and provides time throughout the week to refine the message while ensuring nothing gets in the way of the message as new concerns arise during the week.

Source: Thom Rainer

Why does this matter for church leaders?

Less stress, more time for ideas, need I say more?

  • Schedule, schedule, schedule: Can you set aside time every week, perhaps a 4-hour stretch on Monday or Tuesday morning, to focus solely on sermon preparation? Once you know and everyone else knows when you’re working on sermon prep, they’ll be less likely to interrupt and you’ll be free to focus.
  • Changing Locations: If your church is typically closed on Mondays, you may do well to prepare your sermon at the library of a seminary or nearby Christian school where you’ll have plenty of resources, space to work, and minimal distractions. Failing that, consider taking a few key resources to a local café.
  • Get your team on involved: Your team probably knows the ebb and flow of your week almost as well as you do. Are there one or two people who can provide an outside perspective on how to change your weekly schedule?

How can YOU change YOUR schedule to minimize stress next week?

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