Should We be Planting More Churches?

Ministry Briefing looks at the church planting movement in America:

There are over 300,000 Protestant churches in America, but they aren’t very effective at reaching new people. In fact, on average, it takes 1 pastor, 100 attendees, and $100,000 a year in order to win a single convert. Evangelicals average closer to 1.7 converts. However, new churches are more likely to reach new people with the Gospel and are more effective at outreach.

Source: The Christian Post

Why does this matter for church leaders?

Do you want to reach more people with the Gospel? Then this is helpful article to consider:

  • Established churches tend to plateau: It’s estimated that a church of 100 attendees averages one conversion per year. In other words, most of the church’s growth comes from transfer growth.
  • Church plants are more effective at conversions: The articles author mentions that 60% of the attendees at his church plant had no church background. While that may be the exception, research consistently backs up the fact that church plants are more effective at reaching new people with the Gospel.
  • Church plants revitalize the planting church: As people leave a sending church, they open up new opportunities for attendees to get involved. This will strengthen your community over the long term as more people are able to find a place to serve and grow.

What is holding YOUR church back from planting? Are there steps you could take this month to start exploring that possibility?  

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