The Rise and Evolution of the Executive Pastor

Over the last thirty years the church has seen the creation and evolution of a new role: the executive pastor. While the role takes many forms, at its heart it centers on making the Senior Pastor, and the entire church, more effective in pursuing its vision. Earlier this week, I sat down with David Fletcher, founder of XPastor.com. David has served as an executive pastor for over thirty years in several different contexts, and currently serves as the executive pastor of EvFree Fullerton. In David’s role as founder of XPastor, he helps connect church leaders with fantastic resources in order to sharpen their skills, and better lead the church. Over the course of our conversation, David and I discuss the changing role of the XP, the key to being a successful XP, and then he shares a little about February’s XP Seminar in Dallas (which you REALLY need to be at).

The conversation took about fifteen minutes, and is well worth the time… especially the discussion about trust, check it out:


I know that this sounds like a sales pitch, but it really isn’t (and I don’t get paid for saying this), the XP Seminar is the most practical conference for church leaders that I have ever been to. It is more expensive than some of the other conferences in the church world, but the information, relationships, and practical insights that you will bring home from these two days are well worth the investment you make.

How have YOU seen the role of the XP evolve?


About the Author: Matt Steen

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