Learning from a Church Shooting

A sad story from Minneapolis in this week’s Ministry Briefing:

Two people were killed outside New Life Church in Colorado Springs in 2007, and in the wake of several recent church shootings, Brady Boyd of the megachurch has set up a 20-member security team for his church that include special forces soldiers. Boyd estimates that over 100 people could have been killed if an armed church member had not killed the shooter in 2007.

Source: Christian Today

Why does this matter for church leaders?

Several high profile church shooting events have prompted debates over the need for less guns or more guns in society, but in the meantime, how do churches plan for better security?

  • Do you have a security plan at your church? Whether or not you have armed church members on your church property, every church staff and volunteer team will benefit from emergency lock down and evacuation plans.
  • Should churches have armed security? Guns are a sensitive topic in the context of church security since most congregations will have a range of views. Are there alternatives to armed security? Would guns on the church property create a host of new problems? These are the types of questions to consider with your team.
  • Do you have security experts in your circles? New Life Church has benefitted from trained special forces soldiers who attend their congregation. From soldiers to law enforcement professionals, consider the security resources that you already have.

How can you make your church safer in the next month? Can you make more improvements in the next three months?  

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