How Mega-Churches are both Shrinking and Growing

In Ministry Briefing this week we highlighted some of the latest research on mega-churches:

A new report found North American megachurches are scaling down their sizes and thinking in smaller units. Seating in megachurches is averaging around 1200 seats rather than the average of 1500 from five years ago. In addition, 79% of megachurches invest significant time in small groups.

Source: Leadership Network

Why does this matter for church leaders?

One of the biggest knocks on the mega-church is that they are “too big for people to be known in.” It seems that large churches have acknowledged this by going smaller, whether it be through small groups, smaller sanctuaries, or by embracing a multi-site approach (62% of mega-churches are doing multi-site ministry). It would seem that even as the number of mega-churches are growing, individual churches are going small in an attempt to create more intimacy.

How does YOUR church attempt to stay small?

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About the Author: Matt Steen

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