Finance Fridays: Preparing for Year End (part one)

last day of the monthToday is November first, we currently have sixty days before the end of the year. With this in mind, I want to take the next three Fridays to discuss what churches need to focus on as year end approaches. To do this, I have asked several of my friends to help share their wisdom with the Church Thought community(click here for part two, part three). Today, I have asked my friend Brad Leeper to spend a few minutes with us discussing year end giving, and what churches need to be thinking through over the coming weeks. Brad is the President of Generis, an organization that comes alongside churches to help them cultivate a culture of generosity. In short, Generis exists to accelerate generosity toward God-inspired vision. In the video below, Brad shares several practical thoughts on how to approach year end, and then continues to share how to shift from a seasonal focus on generosity to a year-round culture of generosity.

Through our conversation, I became even more convinced about the importance of communicating vision well, the need to tie the generosity of your congregation to Kingdom impact, and helping people to celebrate their participation in that Kingdom impact through their financial contributions. If you are currently wrestling through how to do this well, be sure to take advantage of Brad’s offer to review your current practices at no cost. Click here to connect with Brad.

How are YOU preparing for year end?


About the Author: Matt Steen

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