Finance Fridays: A Crazy Idea for Easter

offering plateMy friend Alan Wildes has been sharing some thoughts lately that have people thinking that he bumped his head. Alan is a Generosity Strategist at Generis, and has spent the last twelve years helping churches think through how they do Generosity. Alan recently started to take a look at how churches operate on Easter Sunday, and how many times the attendance on Easter Sunday is higher than any other week of the year… the offering is typically the same, or smaller. This doesn’t make sense to him… and what Alan suggests to churches won’t make much sense to their finance committees:

This year’s Easter offering is going to be different for many churches because they are going to do what I am suggesting: give the ENTIRE offering away!

This is admittedly a pretty radical idea… but I also tend to like radical ideas. Over the course of four blog posts, Alan explains his rationale and how to pull this off:

  • Easter Offering 2013: It has to be Different! Attendance on Easter is typically the highest of any Sunday for most churches. The offering on Easter Sunday is either the same or lower than any other Sunday for most churches. On paper this does not make sense.  If we have more people in worship we should have more people giving, right? Why doesn’t it typically play out that way?
  • Is it Worth It? As a leader you have to be able to answer the question “Why do this in the first place?” with conviction and ease.  
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate: Communication is key to the success of something like this. Alan maps out a suggested communication plan here and here.

This reminds me of a Ministry Briefing story we did a few weeks ago about a church’s generosity in the aftermath of another church’s fire, and the story of John Richardson’s church Traceway Baptist, who gave away their offerings for a year.

Would YOUR church do something like this?


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  • http://www.jeffhoots.net/ Jeff Hoots

    Our church gives away the offering received the Sunday before Christmas. We’ve done that for over 25 years, so it is a big deal. I like the Christmas timing over the Easter timing because our family then has a chance to tithe my Christmas bonus from work to the offering.