Finance Friday: Is Your Non-Profit Status at Risk?

IRS Tax AuditorThis week’s Ministry Briefing highlights a story that Nonprofit Quarterly had about the revocation of 501(c)3 status that many organizations are facing. The most troubling part of the story is that many of the organizations that are at risk don’t even realize they are about to lose their status. The revocations mostly result from a failure to fulfill all filing requirements that the IRS demands from a non-profit, and to say that the IRS is taking this seriously is an understatement. In 2011 275,000 nonprofits lost their status, and this year many more are currently at risk. I ran a very quick scan of the list of organizations at risk, and it shows over 16,000 churches and ministries. To ensure that your church is not on the list, click here to go to the IRS Autorevocation site and follow the instructions listed.

Is YOUR church on the list?


About the Author: Matt Steen

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