Drunk Employees are More Effective than Sleep Deprived Employees

This week’s Ministry Briefing shares research on the importance of getting enough sleep:

Staying up late to finish a project has significant diminishing returns in the days to come. How significant? A new student out of the University of Rochester found that sleep deprived employees struggled to perform on the same level as those who were intoxicated. Sleep deprivation is bad for your mood, your ability to focus, and your access to higher level brain functions. In fact, no amount of caffeine can fix the damage done by sleep deprivation.

Source: Success

Why does this matter for church leaders?

Church leaders, as a group, do a relatively poor job of making sure we get enough rest. Whether it is stress related, the amount of work that we have on our plate, or simply a lack of personal boundaries, our lack of rest negatively impacts our church, our family, and our own souls. When we call people to live a counter-cultural life, one in which we proclaim the burden to be light, we need to be modeling a lifestyle that shows the fruits of our belief… not one that seems to be just as much of a grind as the rest of the world.

Over the last 18 months I have been in a season of editing my life. While I am still busy with school, Ministry Briefing, and church staff, I have prioritized getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night. This means that at times things are left undone, that people are disappointed, or that opportunities slip through my hands. While that might be frustrating at times, I have noticed that I am sharper, think clearer, and am more available for the projects that are most important to me.

Getting the rest we need is hard work, it does not happen without intentionality… but even Jesus took a nap from time to time.

Are YOU getting enough sleep?

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