Creating New Rhythms in New Places

changes aheadIt’s been a fascinating few months.

Three months ago Theresa and I loaded up all of our worldly possessions and headed for Texas. While we did drive through a minor snow storm, we got out just before the heavens opened up, creating one of the snowiest winters ever recorded on Long Island.

Since then, we have been slowly settling into our new home and attempting to establish new rhythms for our life. We moved into our new home right after Christmas and immediately jumped into unpacking, meeting neighbors, finding a new church, learning about Waco, and starting graduate school.

It has been intense, to say the least… but it has been good.

During this stretch, it has been difficult to find time to blog, but I believe that I have developed enough of a rhythm with the rest of life, that I can start posting regularly here again.

Before I get back into my regular blogging rhythm, I’d like to answer the most common question that I have been asked since our move:

“What are you going to do about   (insert project name here)  ?”

Here goes:

  • Ministry Briefing: Ministry Briefing is alive and well, and continuing to grow. I am pretty excited about how far we have come over the last year, and am looking forward to the year to come for two major reasons:
    • Co-Branded editions: We are in the process of releasing a series of co-branded editions of Ministry Briefing for organizations that serve local churches. This is a pretty exciting initiative for us, and we are looking forward to launching the first one within the next few weeks.
    • XP Briefing: Today marks the launch of XP Briefing, our newest publication. XP Briefing focuses on the operational side of the church, targeting stories of interest to executive pastors and church administrators. Get the first month free when you subscribe at
  • eGive: I am continuing to lead the sales and marketing side of eGive. In the year that I have been doing this, I have had the opportunity to work with great people, and meet church leaders who are doing exciting things. 2014 is shaping up to be a defining year for us as we launch giving kiosks, TXT to Give capabilities, and are working to freshen up our overall user interface. If you are unaware of eGive, we specialize in providing an easy to use, cost effective, and secure giving platform for churches and non-profits. If your church is not yet offering online, or mobile, giving… we really should talk.
  • Church Simple: While I will continue to coach and consult with church leaders, I will be significantly cutting back on the number of clients that I take on in 2014. I currently have one slot available, if interested we should talk soon.

While I am at it, I want to mention one last thing. I have been working to clean up the email list that I use to keep people up to date on what is going on with me, with Church Simple, and all the other things that I am up to. If you are interested in being on that list, please click here to subscribe.

So, how’ve YOU been?


About the Author: Matt Steen

I love Jesus, Theresa (my wife), the Redskins & Capitals, and am currently living in Waco, Texas where I am studying the finer points of BBQ (while working on my MDiv and MBA at Baylor University). When not studying, I serve church leaders through and am the Director of Connections for Harris Creek Baptist Church's Downtown Campus.