When a Church (Finally) Gets it Right

HandshakeThis month Ministry Briefing changed from a monthly to a weekly publication. This means we are able to get news and information out to our readers in a much more timely basis (and YOU can get one week free by clicking here). Now that I got the commercial out of the way, I wanted to highlight a story in the September 13th edition of Ministry Briefing:

White Baptist Church Apologizes for Ban Against Black Members in the 60’s

First Baptist Church in Oxford Mississippi is a primarily white congregation that passed a resolution in the 1960’s banning black members. The current congregation voted during a Sunday morning to overturn that vote and offered an apology to the members of nearby Second Baptist Church, an African American congregation in Oxford. The two churches hope to deepen their relationship with each other.

Source: D Journal

Several years ago I had a conversation with Dr. Ken Quick about the process he uses with Blessing Point Ministries to help churches get healthy. He told me that as a church looks into its history, you begin to see patterns of unhealthiness. In many ways, the church resembles a family that has allowed generational sin to infect it. The only way for a church to begin the process of healing it to take a hard look at these patterns, name the sins, and repent of them as a congregation. This is not a fun process, and it is definitely not easy… but it is necessary.

The story of First Baptist Church of Oxford formally apologizing to Second Baptist Church is an incredible step forward for both congregations, and I look forward to seeing what fruit comes of this twenty years from now.

What’s the coolest thing YOU have heard of a church doing lately?


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