Chuck Lawless Reflects on 10 Years of Consulting

Dr. Chuck Lawless currently serves as the Professor of Evangelism and Missions and Dean of Graduate Studies at Southeastern Seminary. In addition to his teaching and work at the International Missions Board, Dr. Lawless works with churches as a consultant. He recently shared his thoughts and experiences after ten years as a consultant on Thom Rainer’s blog. Here are a few of his thoughts:

  • Churches often wait too long to address decline. Some churches don’t do regular checkups, and thus they have no means of knowing they’re sick. Others recognize the symptoms but choose to ignore them. By the time they admit decline, the pattern is so entrenched that reversing the trend is not easy.
  • Prayer in unhealthy churches is reactive rather than proactiveA problem develops, and then the church members pray. A marriage struggles, and then they pray. A young person wanders, and then the church prays. Prayer in an unhealthy congregation is often a response of desperation rather than a marker of the DNA of the church.
  • In most churches, somebody wants the congregation to make an eternal difference.I’ve never seen a church so unhealthy that nobody was seeking God and His power. The good news here is that just a few people can ignite a renewal fire in a local church. Somebody sees in faith what God might do, and he/she can be a significant support for the pastor.

In this episode of Ministry Briefing, we look at the ten biggest things that Chuck thinks your church needs to understand, and share our thoughts on them.

We’d love to hear YOUR thoughts and experiences with churches… What would YOU add?

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