Charlie Sheen on Revelation 3:16

Sorry, my thoughts on time will have to wait…

As much as I do not want to write about this, I almost have to. The situation with Charlie Sheen is astounding to me, but what is even more interesting as I hear extended sound bites and see his recent activity is this: “I get it”.

Mr. Sheen represents what I believe my response would be  were I to have similar conditions in my life. Here is why it makes sense to me: without Christ the only other legitimate course of action that would make me feel significant is to be sold out to hedonism and existentialism. I have had this conversation before with a colleague of mine who, in our collective musings, agreed that if we were not believers an egocentric, pleasure filled life would have to be the best option available. What we are hearing from Mr. Sheen is just that. His celebration of “tiger blood” and taking the drug of “Charlie Sheen” as points of personal pride are legitimate. Am I condoning this course of action? Of course not, but in the scheme of options available, I get it.

Why am I writing about this? I think it is too easy to dismiss his activity as “lunatic”, “unstable”, or otherwise. What I am thinking about is the condition expressed in the book of Revelation that we be “either hot or cold”, not lukewarm (3:16). Mr. Sheen certainly is in need of embracing the message of love, hope, forgiveness, redemption, and salvation in Christ. His passion for the opposite of this makes his position clear. I can confidently communicate his “coldness”. How about my “hotness”?

Is it clear to others that I love Christ? Is there confidence in others understanding of this truth?

Lord help me to not be lukewarm…

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