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Preparing for Mother’s Day


Easter has passed and now is the time to look forward to some of the upcoming “unofficial church holidays.” In the weeks to come, churches across the country will be celebrating Mother’s Day and, to a lesser extent, Father’s Day. As you go about planning your services on those days, I’d like to share with you an interview that my friend Todd and I filmed with Ben and Laura Reed last year. Ben starts off by sharing […]


Can Young and Old Leaders Coexist?

young and old conflict

When I look at the current church landscape, one of my biggest concerns is the generational divide in leadership. As the boomers get closer to retirement and the millennials come into prominence, stories of friction between the two generations abound. Last week Dan Rockwell, of Leadership Freak fame, shared two fantastic posts on this issue: Why Young Leaders Drive Old Leaders Crazy and Why Old Leaders Drive Young Leaders Crazy. I asked Dan to sit […]


The Rise and Evolution of the Executive Pastor


Over the last thirty years the church has seen the creation and evolution of a new role: the executive pastor. While the role takes many forms, at its heart it centers on making the Senior Pastor, and the entire church, more effective in pursuing its vision. Earlier this week, I sat down with David Fletcher, founder of David has served as an executive pastor for over thirty years in several different contexts, and currently […]


Peter Greer & The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good


Be warned: this might hurt a little. Peter Greer is the President and CEO of Hope International, a Christ centered microfinance organization, and the author of The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good. After serving around the world, doing incredible things for the Kingdom, Peter started to notice that his motivation was changing. Slightly, ever so slightly, Peter was becoming more excited about things like publicity and his own kingdom, rather than pursuing the Kingdom. This is the […]


Through Lines and Disciple Making

having an idea

Yesterday I introduced the idea of a through line, the big picture passion that allows us to fully engage in the more trivial parts of our daily endeavors. I shared the story of Curtis Martin, NFL Hall of Famer, and how he really didn’t care all that much for football. Today, I want to focus on a short section of Curtis’ induction speech: My pastor at the time was a guy by the name of Leroy […]


Through Lines: Curtis Martin Didn’t Like Football

curtis martin

Todd Henry has been talking a good bit about the concept of a through line lately. As Todd describes it, the through line is the why behind the things that you do. You may not love everything that you do, but there is a reason that you continue to do it every day. In a recent podcast he recounted the story of NFL Hall of Fame running back Curtis Martin, who shared in his enshrinement speech that he […]


Shifting Baseline Syndrome and the Church

undecided voter concept

Last week the Harvard Business Review Ideacast taught me a new term: shifting baseline syndrome. In a conversation about how corporate cultures change, the idea of the shifting baseline syndrome was borrowed from the world of ecology. The term was first introduced to the world by Daniel Pauly, a French marine biologist, to describe how we as humans react to the changes in our environment. In a nutshell, shifting baseline syndrome is defined this way: Shifting […]


What Churches can Learn from Nuclear Subs


Ok, so a nuclear submarine and a church don’t seem to have a whole awful lot in common… at first. Take a closer look, and you will find two complex organizations loaded with similar leadership challenges. While the mission of the local church is not to go around sinking enemy vessels (in case you were wondering), the need for church leadership to develop and maintain a healthy organizational culture focused on expanding God’s Kingdom is remarkably […]


The One Sentence Job Description

job description

Friday afternoon, while at Catalyst, I heard Andy Stanley talk about the one-sentence job description. The concept has been bouncing around inside my head all weekend long, and I have to say I am quite taken by the concept. In a nutshell, the one sentence job description explains the essential purpose that you fill in your organization. Here are a few examples that Andy shared during his session: To inspire our staff and congregations to be […]


10 Indispensible Practices of the 2-Minute Leader


Over the last few years I have really enjoyed getting to know Brian Dodd. Brian loves the local church, and serves the church through his work at The Rocket Company and his blog, Brian Dodd on Leadership. I am really excited about Brian’s newest project, 10 Indispensible Practices of The 2-Minute Leader. In today’s Ministry Briefing Conversation Todd and I sit down with Brian to hear more about his new book, and the practices that […]