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Oh the People You Meet


The Resurgence Blog has a great post on the six people that you meet when planting a church.  If you are planting a church, you need to read it.  Todd Bumgarner breaks people into six groups: Family, the people that are all in. Fence, people who like what you are up to but uncertain about whether they will join with you. Fans, people who love watching you from a distance but don’t want to commit. […]


Tim Keller on reaching cities

Tim Keller

What if we put aside our banners that identified us as Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, or Anglican?  What if we stopped trying to add numbers to our “tribe” and instead started working towards adding to the Kingdom… regardless of what banner people pick up after joining? I love the way that Keller thinks through things… what do you think? Tim Keller Argues For Churches In Cities [Lausanne] from Kenny Jahng on Vimeo.


Church Plants and Elders

solo journey

Bob Thune has two great posts on elders and church plants over at The Resurgance Blog.  Bob brings up something that many times is glossed over when planning out how to begin a church: when and who to install as elders and what to do about accountability when you don’t have elders in place. Church planting can be a lonely place, you spend a great deal of time working to start something from scratch based […]


Loving your city starts with knowing your city…

neighborhood park

A while back I was having lunch with a group of pastors who served in churches from the local area.  Over the course of lunch thetypical small talk happened and I found myself asking different pastors to tell me about the neighborhoods that where they served.  I walked away from the lunch surprised and disappointed by the fact that of the six or so pastors that I asked, only one could speak intelligently about the neighborhood […]