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Finance Fridays: The Year End Giving Letter

new year

November has arrived, and the start of the holiday season is rapidly drawing near.  Within the next few weeks we will be eating turkey with family, chopping down trees, and listening to John Denver & The Muppets: A Christmas Together (ok, you may not be listening to it, but I will). With December 31 being 58 (or fewer) days away, many churches across the nation are hard at work developing a year end appeal letter to […]


Finance Fridays: The Annual Business Meeting

business meeting

There are few things on the face of the planet that make a church staff member cringe more than the thought of the church’s annual business meeting.  The horror stories of these meetings are the stuff of legend, from the airing of grievances to pastors getting punched in front of the congregation.  While we all love a good drama every now and again, my assumption is that we would probably prefer to not have it played […]


Finance Fridays: Budgeting Season is Upon Us


It’s budgeting season! Those words may not excite you the way they do me but, whether you’re excited or not, this is a key part of the financial process for any ministry. As you begin working through the budgeting process with your team let’s consider a few things that will make the budgeting season less painful.  This can be the year that you say good-bye to that boring budget and turn it into a better budget […]


Finance Fridays: Learning From Para-Churches

offering plate

Over the last ten days, beginning with my trip to Catalyst, I have been involved in several conversations about the state of charitable giving, and how it is affecting churches and church planters.  In one of these conversations I was surprised to hear that giving is down in churches and traditional non-profits, but it is up in para-church ministries.  The conversation went on to reveal that in the church world there are some churches that […]


Finance Fridays: Defining Blessing

bentley grill

This week a series of blog posts from TJ Addington, Jamie the Very Worst Missionary, and Steve Saint have really gotten me thinking about the messages that we send to our congregations and the world about finances and blessing.  Each of these three stories talk about how we show up in an area of the world that has a different standard of living than ours (note that I didn’t say poverty stricken) and instantly assume that they are in […]


Finance Fridays: More Thoughts on a Tough Economy

economy badness

Matt Note: Two weeks ago I asked Jeremy Moore, from ECCU, to share his thoughts on supporting your ministry in a tough economy.  Today I have asked Jon Sturdevant, from Generis, to do the same. The economy has taken a beating lately.  What does this mean for the support you should anticipate from your donor base? Nothing. There are zero absolutes associated with the economy’s downturn and your donor base.  There are a number of […]


Finance Fridays: Fundraising? Make The Ask!

giving to charity

Marc Pitman has a great response to the recent report that the jobs bill will have a provision to lessen tax write-offs for charitable donations: If your cause is so weak that it depends on a charitable deduction, you have bigger issues than what is going on in Washington. Seriously, think about it. One of the greatest parts of my job is having the opportunity to work with church leaders from all across the country, and to hear […]


Finance Fridays: Leadership In Economic Turbulence


Here we go again… Just when we thought it was safe to go back into the water… The last few weeks have stirred old fears and created some new ones about the ongoing outlook for our economy. The S&P downgrade of U.S. Government debt and the ensuing market reaction have heightened concern that we may be in for a double dip or at the least put a damper on the growth of the economy for […]


Finance Fridays: The Power of Story


This past Sunday I had the opportunity to worship at Imago Dei Community in Portland, Oregon.  The service was pretty chill and low key, and the experience was pretty good.  Theresa and I remarked after the service that the vibe was different from the ones that we have experienced on the east coast, but it seemed to fit Portland pretty well. While Rick McKinley’s message on being the church was solid, what really struck me […]


Finance Fridays: If We Build It, God Will Fund It!

church construction

I get the opportunity to work with a lot of faith-based organizations. I love helping them get excited about raising money and showing them that others in the Bible did too. But I’m amazed by a persistent cop-out so common among Christian causes, I’m adding it to my “Fundraising Myths” category. The cop out is: this ministry is so important, God will fund it. Or more to the point: IF WE BUILD IT, GOD WILL FUND IT […]