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Coming Up Next: Christmas Reruns

Child's Nativity Painting

Christmas is nearly here, and I am excited to celebrate the birth of our savior with my family and friends.  This weekend will find Theresa and I on Long Island, celebrating with our church family and Theresa’s side of the family.  On Monday we head down to Baltimore to spend a few days with my side of the family and give my nephew his Christmas present (seriously… why didn’t they make these when I was a […]


A Little Bit of Housekeeping


In the year that I have been posting on this site much has changed, but I am excited to see what lies ahead.  Church Simple’s recent launch has been, by all accounts, successful and I am excited to say that I am serving a growing number of clients, and helping them walk through vision implementation, and acting as a church concierge. A few things I would like to put in front of you: Facebook Page. […]


Finance Fridays: Acting Like a Church


Earlier this week I on Jeff Brooks’s blog I read a post entitled “Act like a church for better fundraising“.  The article is a riff off of a post at Get Off The Couch about what non-profits can learn from the church.  As I read these I am reminded of the Starbucks concept of a third place, and how that idea is straight from the church: a place of community and being together.  To be […]


Finance Fridays: Ninety Second Vision


While at Exponential last week I spent a great deal of time listening to the likes of Brad Leeper, Jim Sheppard, and the rest of the Generis team talking about how to raise funding in order to support your church.  During one of the sessions participants were asked to give a ninety second fundraising ask to the group.  This was a pretty cool exercise to watch, as I got to hear the passion of forty […]


Finance Fridays: Church Planting and Finances

young plant

Earlier this week I was asked what are the top five things that I think church planters need to know when it comes to church finances.  It was a great question, and after giving it some thought this is what I came up with: Fundraising. Let’s face it, starting a ministry from scratch can be expensive.  Even if you do it on the cheap, church planting is a a costly endeavor.  Fundraising can be exciting, […]


Finance Fridays: Economic Implications of the First Quarter

charts and graphs

This is a continuation of quarterly economic update on the Evangelical Christian Credit Union Blog.  I’d recommend starting there for more context and detail on what I am about to share. Now that you’re back… So what do Consumer Confidence, Unemployment, Real Estate prices, Housing Starts, and Inflation have to do with your ministry? A lot. In order for ministries to be effective, we don’t need rising consumer confidence, stable energy prices, or low unemployment. […]


Finance Fridays: The Generosity Comfort Zone

giving to charity

For some church leaders talking about giving can be uncomfortable.  While many embrace the generosity conversation and have regular, healthy giving conversations, many find it difficult to step outside their comfort zone.  Giving is often an unpopular topic in a church, as my pastor said last week “people always seem to feel we just talked about money!” Here are a few potentially uncomfortable ideas for you, as a church leader, to step outside of your […]


Finance Fridays: Optimizing Church Finances

church money

I spend most of my week with ministries. Most of my time with ministries is spent talking about money or the lack thereof.  Today, I want to break down these day long conversations into a simple discussion of income and expense optimization. Granted, I will be oversimplifying but the overall concepts will help guide your thinking. Optimization of a church’s finances really comes down to two things: Increasing Income Be Creative: Some ministries can get […]


Finance Fridays: Social Security and Pastors

Social Security

The Dime Blog has had some great information on it lately.  Today’s post is on the social security exemption for pastors and the particulars behind it: Commissioned employees (pastors) of the church fall into two categories: Those who have chosen to exempt themselves from the Social Security system (“opting out”). Those who choose to remain a part of the Social Security system (“participating”). Commissioned Employees Choosing to be Exempt from Social Security (SECA): Those who […]


Finance Friday: Should a Pastor Know Who Gives?

offering plate

Lately I have been having a bunch of conversations about whether a pastor should know who gives what in their church.  Over the course of the last ten years my view on this has changed, and now I believe whole heartedly that each church needs to have at least one pastor who knows who is giving and who is not. Whenever this topic comes up the typical response is a concern for “treating everyone the […]