Big News at Crystal Cathedral

The Crystal Cathedral has been through the ringer over the last several years. Declining attendance and giving, a revolving door within senior leadership, family squabbles, bankruptcy, and Robert Schuller’s lawsuit have made for an unfortunate public spectacle in Orange County. Late last week word came that Robert Schuller’s grandson, Bobby, will be taking over as the pastor for their television broadcast, Hour of Power, as well as leading the church through some major transitions. In this morning’s Ministry Briefing, Todd and I discuss the current situation, the recent announcements, and what the transition looks like for the church (including a name change). Click below to check out the video (we went a little long, 14 minutes), and let us know what you think:



About the Author: Matt Steen

Over the last fifteen years I have been a Church Planter, Youth Pastor, Executive Pastor, and now I serve churches through coaching (churchsimple.net), providing online giving services (egiveusa.com), and through keeping them informed (ministrybriefing.tv). I love Jesus, my wife, the Redskins and Capitals and am currently living in Waco, Texas where I am studying the finer points of BBQ.