Beards, Ed Stetzer, and Other Important Stuff

According to GeekoSystem, a recent study suggests that women find men with beards to be more attractive than those without. Being a beardless man, I instantly recognized this study as a bunch of hoooey, just another piece of pop-science that is being manipulated to make certain communities feel good. In this Ministry Briefing video, you will find little in the way of spiritually edifying material, however you will find:

  • A picture of Ed Stetzer
  • A good bit of laughter
  • A Beth Moore reference
  • A photoshop challenge
  • More laughter
  • A gratuitous plug for Ministry Briefing
  • Discussion of the facial hair choices of Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel, and Billy Graham

I realize that you are busy.
I realize that you have important things to do.
But, let’s face it… you need to laugh today.

What is YOUR facial hair preference?


About the Author: Matt Steen

I love Jesus, Theresa (my wife), the Redskins & Capitals, and am currently living in Waco, Texas where I am studying the finer points of BBQ (while working on my MDiv and MBA at Baylor University). When not studying, I serve church leaders through and am the Director of Connections for Harris Creek Baptist Church's Downtown Campus.

  • charles stone

    Guys, this is a hoot! What about goatees? I have one. :)

    • Matt Steen

      Goatees, beards, vandykes, their all the same… and I can’t grow them.

      • charles stone

        Matt, I got a real chuckle with your comment about “when I reach puberty” You guys have great stuff.