Matt and Theresa

Who I Am

I’m Matt Steen, and I love the local church.

I also love Theresa, and have a pretty significant (unhealthy?) attachment to the Washington Redskins, Washington Capitals, and the Baltimore Orioles. I grew up in the Baltimore area, which means that I am addicted to steamed crabs and Old Bay.

Theresa and I were married on Flag Day, 2008 and currently live in Waco, Texas where I am studying at Truett Seminary. After spending years on church staff, planting a church, and coaching church leaders I started to sense the press of the Spirit to return to school for an MDiv and an MBA. Prior to moving to Waco, Theresa and I had the opportunity to live on Long Island, where we cared for her father, and Baltimore, where we got to plant a church. My pre-Theresa days saw me serving churches located in the New York City area (Bergen County, NJ), and Atlanta area (Lawrenceville), while pursuing my undergrad at Toccoa Falls College and completing it at Nyack College.

What I Do

I am often asked, what is it that you do? The short answer is simple: I help local churches, and their leaders, better pursue their unique calling.

I do this in three major ways:

  • Ministry Briefing and XP BriefingMinistry Briefing is a weekly publication aimed at keeping church leaders up to speed on current events, recent studies, and stories that are relevant to their work. XP Briefing is a monthly publication focused on the business side of church and is a great read for executive pastors, church administrators, and those tasked with handling the day to day operations of a church. For the cost of a weekly Starbucks run, we save pastors time and energy by highlighting the big idea, and including links for further understanding.
  • eGiveeGive is a simple, cost-effective online giving solution for churches. We specialize in small to mid-size churches who recognize the value of online giving, but don’t have the time or staff to constantly manage the system.
  • Church SimpleChurch Simple coaches church leaders and makes connections between churches and service providers. We come alongside church leaders, help them think through leadership challenges, struggles, and next steps… and then help them take the next step.

Interested in hearing more? Click here and let’s talk!

 Church Thought

I average about three posts a week of content aimed at church leaders, pastors, church planters, and anyone else who loves the local church.  Jump in, share your thoughts in the comments section, and make sure that you subscribe (email, rss) so that you won’t miss anything.  Following me on Twitter, or liking Church Simple on Facebook, will allow you to keep up with me, and also see some of what I am reading these days.

A few things to keep in mind about this site:

  • When it comes to commenting, please feel free to jump in!  I reserve the right to moderate comments that are offensive, abusive, or otherwise outside the realm of civil discourse.  In other words, please play nice… Posts that are antagonistic, abrasive, or intentionally provocative are candidates for moderation, especially if it posted with an anonymous handle.
  • I love receiving email!  If you are interested in interacting more personally about something I have written, are interested in seeing how I might be able to serve your church, or would like to guest post, click here.
  • I have a major addiction in my life, Amazon.com.  In order to feed my habit I use affiliate links on any book that I reference in a blog post.  Affiliate links are noticeable because they have the full book title.  Know that I appreciate your enabling my habit, as does Jeff Bezos.