A Sad Commentary on our Engagement Level

Last week Fast Company’s Co.Design ran a piece on the “Offline Glass.” This specially modified glass was designed to combat the effects of smartphone addiction by having a chunk of the base removed… requiring your phone to be placed under it to prevent spillage. Check it out:

First of all, I think this is a pretty cool idea.
Second of all, I hate it.

I watch that and think “I’ve been that guy.”

You probably have been too.

I am convinced that there is one thing that the church does better than any organization on the face of the planet. It isn’t music, dramas, movies, or pizza… it’s authentic, caring relationships.

I sometimes fear my smartphone gets in the way of my ability to develop those relationship… do you?

How do YOU keep your smartphone from becoming a distraction?


About the Author: Matt Steen

I love Jesus, Theresa (my wife), the Redskins & Capitals, and am currently living in Waco, Texas where I am studying the finer points of BBQ (while working on my MDiv and MBA at Baylor University). When not studying, I serve church leaders through MinistryBriefing.com and am the Director of Connections for Harris Creek Baptist Church's Downtown Campus.

  • Chet

    It is all fun and games until the beer spills all over your phone. I have another idea, just leave the phone in your pocket. If I am expecting an important call from family or work, I tell people in advance, “Please excuse me, but I may get a call in a few moments which I will need to take.” When the phone rings or the text comes in, if it is not from the person I am expecting then I ignore it. This policy values both the person I am with and other obligations.

    • http://www.churchthought.com Matt Steen

      Maybe we need the beer to spill on a few phones in order to get the point across?

      • nathan

        I love this! It is so tempting to always be checking in. I turned my cell phone off this week and it was like and instant sabbath. Thanks for reposting here.